Helpful tips for Remodeling your bathroom

Bored of your old bathroom or the broken tiles and hardware are cramping up your style? Bathroom Remodeling is the worthiest home investment. Even though it may be the smallest room in the house, a change in the tiles or flooring can be a nice change. Before you begin your work, here are a few things that can help you in your Remodeling process.

Fix upon a budget

Before you think of making any changes to the bathroom, it is always advisable to fix upon a budget. Though bathroom Remodeling may sound inexpensive, costs may go above the limit if not kept in check. Prioritizing your spending can help a lot.

Plan it out

Once you put down exactly what you need on paper, it becomes easier for both you and your Remodeling contractor to plan out the bathroom. You can now start looking for discount bathroom supplies Sydney. From the layout of the bathroom to the type of flooring, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want. Think about your family’s needs. Whether it’s just the two of you using the bathroom or you live in a joint family. Whether you want a dual workstation, a separate shower, or does your kid needs a bathtub. No two families have the same requirements. Assessing your needs can improve easy accessibility.

Tiles: If there are senior citizens in your house and you don’t want any accidents, it is better to opt for non-slippery floors. Using tiles with textured finishes, matte finishes or small tiles with grout lines can provide more grip. If cleaning tiles is a hassle you don’t want to live with, then choose porcelain or glazed tiles. Avoid porous natural stones like limestone as they tend to soak up soap or water but leave behind a nasty stain.

Wiring: It’s not just enough to change the tiles and hardware. Make sure you take out the old wiring and replace it with a 20-amp circuit with plenty of outlets for your hair driers, shaving kits, and other appliances.

Storage for toiletries: Plastic stands just mess up with the whole look of your bathroom. Try incorporating ceramic tile shelves though making inbuilt shelving for your toiletries near your shower can be a better option. If you have kids using the bathroom, make a shelf at knee height so they can access them on their own.

Sinks: There are various styles of sinks you can choose from. The classic pedestal sink is the most favorite choice for a small-scale bathroom though they offer no storage space. A vessel sink on a counter with an attractive finish can provide a lot of storage options as well as up the look of your bathroom. Though they are difficult to clean and have less usable space. A vanity with a sink requires more space for drawers though they provide a lot of storage space.

Countertops: If you need something that is beautiful then choose a natural stone countertop. Resin can be used for any unusual shape countertops and they come in a wide variety of colors. Laminate is a cheaper option with various colors, finishes, and texture options.

Try different styles for your hardware as well like the faucets and showers and bathtubs.